The Gift Registry

The Gift Registry is a tool that families or groups may use to easily list and share individual gift suggestions for special occasions such as Christmas, weddings, kids birthdays, etc. Select your family from the list on the left side of the Home page, and then each family member enters their gift suggestions for specific registries (i.e. Christmas 2009). Any member can then view and/or print the list of all family member suggestions. A "family" defined here depends on how you do gift exchanges. The family may consist of just your immediate family, or it may include your family along with your parents, and brother's and sister's families. And then if you have a spouse, you may have another gift registry family for their side. Or the family may be a group that is participating in an Adopt-A-Family or some other program. If any family that is not in the list would like to use this tool, just submit a request to add your family. You may try the tool and play with any part of it by using the "Demo" families. The password is "test" for all Demo users, and the TestUser2 is linked between the two Demo families.

Those of you that create gift suggestion lists will quickly realize these benefits from using this tool:
  • You can enter items at your leisure anytime, even many months in advance, as you think of good ideas more...
  • Your ideas won't get lost (via email) and everyone's lists are all in one place
  • There won't be multiple versions of the list floating around to get confused by or lose items
  • List contents can be easily added, changed, or deleted at anytime
  • You can create groups of similar items, such as music CDs or American Girl accessories
  • You can be notified by email whenever someone has updated their list, so you will know when the people you are responsible for have made changes more...
  • You can add gift suggestions to someone else's list without them seeing those gifts in their list (best for members of the same household) more...
  • You can specify gifts you have (or plan to) purchase for someone else, so that other people will not buy the same gift for that person more...
  • Family members can be linked between other families - so that multiple families with the same people can share lists, and each person maintains only one list more...
  • You can print the full formatted list when you need it
  • View lists and purchase gifts, while out shopping, using your internet-enabled mobile device (i.e. cell phone or PDA) at
  • You can allow other people that are not part of your family to view your list using a guest login
  • For fun, you can compare to previous year lists
>>NEW<< view lists and purchase gifts from your cell phone at!
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