The Gift Registry provides a convenient way to manage and share your gift suggestion lists. Once your registry (a specific gift list, such as for your birthday this year) is created, you can enter gifts anytime you think of new ideas. This allows you to maintain a good list without rushing to think of gifts. There are a variety of ways you can setup your lists, depending on how your family or group does gift exchanges. One way is to create a registry for each occasion/event date. For instance, "Christmas 2008" or "Joe's Birthday 5/2/09". This allows you to keep short concise lists for the single event. Another way would be to create an on-going list, such as "All Occasions 2009". Each family/group member would maintain their list of gifts under that registry throughout the year. Anytime someone needs to get a gift for birthday, Christmas, etc., they would just go to the one list to get ideas.
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